7 Amazing Facts About Carlos Alcaraz

1. His First Name

Carlos Alcaraz doesn’t like being called by his first name, instead of Carlos he prefers to be called Carlitos or Charlie.

2. Nadal is his idol

22-time Grand Slams champion Rafa Nadal is a role model of Carlos Alcaraz.

3. He started playing tennis very early.

At the age of four, Carlos Alcaraz started tennis training.

4. Influenced by his father

Carlos Alcaraz's father was also a tennis player. At an early age, his father inspired him to play tennis.

5. His Coach 

Currently, Former world No 1 and 2003 French Open champion Juan Carlos Ferrero is Carlos Alcaraz's coach.

6. Youngest-ever No. 1 player.

Carlos Alcaraz is currently the ATP's youngest-ever No. 1 tennis player.

7. Second-youngest US Open champion

When Carlos Alcaraz won US Open in 2022, he was 19 years and 129 days. After winning the US Open title Carlos Alcaraz become the second-youngest US Open champion.