Top 20 Inspiring Coco Gauff Quotes To Reach For The Best

American tennis player Coco Gauff

19-year-old Cori “Coco” Gauff is a professional women’s tennis player from America. At such a young age Coco Gauff is one of the most well-known women’s tennis players in the world.

Coco Gauff’s career-high ranking in singles is No.4, and world No. 1 in doubles.

So far Coco Gauff won 3 WTA Tour singles titles and eight doubles titles, and in 2022 Coco Gauff reach her first major singles final at French Open.

Coco Gauff Quotes

“If you can think it, you can do it. If you can dream it, you can do it. Just keep working hard. It won’t come easy and it will seem impossible but if you keep working hard it will definitely happen.”

“You need to use your voice. No matter how big or small your platform is, you need to use your voice.”

“Never put a limit on your dreams. Every time you break through a big obstacle you pave the way for other dreamers to succeed.”

“Always dream big, and don’t let anyone limit your dreams because the possibilities are endless.”

“If you are choosing silence, you’re choosing the side of the oppressor.”

“Mental health is invisible, but it’s a very real issue.”

“My message has always been ‘dream big and aim higher.'”

“It’s important for us to know that our worth isn’t defined by how well we do in our sport.”

“It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice.”

“I feel like a lot of times we’re put in a box that people always say: ‘Oh, sports and politics should stay separate and all this.’ And I say, yes, but also at the same time, I’m a human first before I’m a tennis player.”

“No matter how good or how bad my career is, I think I’m a great person, and that’s a message to all young players.”

“Every loss is something I learn from.”

“Before Serena came along, there was not really an icon of the sport that looked like me. So growing up, I never thought that I was different because the No. 1 player in the world was somebody who looked like me.”

“Throughout my life, I was always the youngest to do things, which added hype that I didn’t want. It added this pressure that I needed to do well fast.”

“Everyone asks me how I stay calm on court and I think it’s because I accepted who I am after overcoming low points in my life.”

“I try to always remember that nobody is bigger than the game and to treat everyone with respect, especially those that are sacrificing so much to help me succeed.”

“Obviously, I believe in myself.”

“As long as you love yourself, who cares what anyone else thinks?”

“I dreamed of always playing Wimbledon and the other grand slams but I never dreamed of people actually recognizing me.”

“In tennis, we are very deserving of equal pay.”

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