20 Inspiring Carlos Alcaraz Quotes About Success And Tennis

Carlos Alcaraz is currently one of the most well-known tennis players in the world. He is just 20 years old yet.

But he is already a Grand Slam champion and he is the no.1 tennis player in the world. In his professional, he won 11 ATP our-level singles titles including 4 Masters 1000 titles and 1 US Open.

Here are 25 Inspiring Quotes by Carlos Alcaraz:

Carlos Alcaraz Quotes

1. “Nobody gifts you anything, I believe. You don’t just click your fingers and have the world at your feet. You have to work at things.” – Carlos Alcaraz

2. “I don’t have any limits, I don’t want to set any.” – Carlos Alcaraz

3. “If you work hard, all the hard work, it pays off.” – Carlos Alcaraz

4. “I always try to be a good person first and then a good athlete.” – Carlos Alcaraz

5. “There will never be another like Rafa in history. I am Carlos.” – Carlos Alcaraz

6. “I’m not special, and nobody said I was going to be the best, I’ve worked for it.” – Carlos Alcaraz

7. “You have to be focused all the time. Even in the tough moments, you have to be focused and positive.” – Carlos Alcaraz

8. “Every day is a new day, so the past day, you have to forget it and still focus on next rounds.” – Carlos Alcaraz

9. “I try to be focus on me, not on the social media.” – Carlos Alcaraz

10. “I’m hungry for more. I want to be at the top for many, many weeks. I hope many years.” – Carlos Alcaraz

11. “You have to believe in yourself, you have to believe you can win every match, every tournament, you know.” – Carlos Alcaraz

12. “Confidence, for me, is to be yourself no matter what.” – Carlos Alcaraz

13. “In the end it is about trying, failing and improving.” – Carlos Alcaraz

14. “You have to give everything on court, everything you have inside. It is something I have worked really hard for and it is not time to be tired.” – Carlos Alcaraz

15. “I am clear about my goal, I am clear about my dream, which is to be No 1 in the world.” – Carlos Alcaraz

16. “At the end of the day, I’m playing tennis, a sport I love. If you’re not enjoying yourself on court, you’re lost.” – Carlos Alcaraz

17. “You have to have a good goal, good dreams. Trying to follow your dream. Work hard every day.” – Carlos Alcaraz

18. “I always say that you can improve everything, you know, a little bit more. You can’t get stuck in your game, you must improve, you must get better every day. That’s what the Big 3, for example, did during their careers, improved every day a little bit.” – Carlos Alcaraz

19. “My goal is always the same. To feel comfortable on court. To enjoy playing tennis and try to have great thoughts when playing.” – Carlos Alcaraz

20. “My dream is to be among the best in history, to try to get close to them somehow. I know it’s very complicated – maybe even impossible – will be. But in this world you have to think big and dream big. Ultimately, that’s my dream today.” – Carlos Alcaraz

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