‘I’m Not Nadal!’ – Roger Federer Was Mistaken For ‘Mr Nadal’

'I'm Not Nadal!' - Roger Federer Was Mistaken For 'Mr Nadal'

Recently on Twitter, Roger Federer shares a hilarious incident when a fan at a Miami grand prix 2023 mistook him for Spanish tennis star Rafael Nadal.

Recently in a virtual interaction with fans, Roger Federer reveal this story.

One fan asks Roger Federer: “#AskRF share a funny story of the first time you’ve been mistaken for someone else 👀”

Roger Federer replied: “happened the other day at the Formula 1. A guy asked “Can i have a picture with you Mr Nadal?”. I told him I wasn’t Mr Nadal. He apologized and left without taking a picture. 😂”

In December last year, Roger Federer revealed another funny incident that happened at Wimbledon. When a security guard did not recognize him.

Roger Federer’s Q&A on Twitter

One fan asked: “Roger, reflecting on your illustrious career, what would you say was the most significant lesson or insight you gained throughout your journey as a tennis player, and how do you envision applying it to your life beyond the sport?”

Roger Federer answers: “Overcoming adversity. not dwelling on the past. staying creative and thinking out of the box. all of these were important skills as a tennis player but feel just as relevant today.”

“What are you enjoying most since retiring from professional tennis? What do you miss the most?” a fan asked Roger Federer.

Roger Federer replied: “There was a lot of little stuff that i didn’t know was creating so much stress that just dropped away, which is really cool. Like a weight being lifted off my shoulders.”

One fan asked: “How are you feeling nowadays? What do you miss most when you were still a player?”

Roger Federer replied: “feeling great nowadays, thanks! what i miss most: having a spontaneous dinner out on tour with friends after a match or practice. and of course the big stadiums, fans and the thrill of it all.”

“Will you miss Rafa Nadal at the French Open?” a fan asked Roger Federer.

Roger Federer replied: “Yes I will miss seeing him play. French Open + @RafaelNadal = one of the most incredible records in the history of all sports.”

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